How Does the NFL Apply to Your Business?

how the nfl applies to business

Last year I vividly remember my friend being distraught about how his team lost in the last second of a game. As the final seconds were ticking away his team was ahead and he was happy, and, just like that, the other team snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. How does that apply to…

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Get out of Your Sell

get out of your sell

Too often we as small business owners can get stuck with our head down, working in our business. That doesn’t help you see the bigger picture of what is happening around you. You may look up and realize no one’s BUYING. People aren’t paying attention to your advertising. That’s OK. We’ve all probably been there…

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Who Are Your Biggest Motivators

who are your biggest motivators

Who are your biggest motivators? Who are they? Let’s walk through some of them. Haters. Haters to me can be your biggest motivators. Maybe it’s clients that don’t book you. There is nothing wrong with that. Let’s examine this deeper.   When someone talks bad about you or doesn’t choose your product or service, what does…

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No Scrubs

no scrubs

So I’m sitting in the Chicago OHare airport on my way to speak at a conference today when I see one of the cleaning ladies come by. On her shirt in red letters is one word…one word that struck me funny and odd at the same time. I actually couldn’t believe what I saw. That…

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The 3 R’s and Goal Setting

goal setting

What do you do specifically for your end of the year and to kick off expectations and goal setting for the new year ahead? Let’s look at Goal Setting first. What are your overall goals for your company? Are they being achieved? Maybe they are…and maybe they’re not. If your financial goals are not being…

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