Drive You, Destroy You, Define You

drive destroy define you

I recently thought about this and I wanted to share it with you here and that was the concept of “Drive you or Destroy you.” Whatever the moments are that happened to you, whatever goes on in your life, your reaction can drive you or destroy you. What is your reaction? Now, not only will…

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The Productivity Formula and Goal Planning

productivity formula

I have found that most people I chat with in business fail to plan, and therefore they, without realizing it or not, have planned to fail. It’s sad, but its the cold, stark truth. To back this fact up, Profit First Advisor Jason Spencer stated that 4 out of 5 business owners are operating with…

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Pleasure, Pain, and Purpose

pleasure pain purpose

Funny. I was at Jeffrey Gitomer’s live event in Milwaukee with my good friend Brian Kelm and Jeffrey mentioned PLEASURE and PAIN. PAIN is the old-school selling tactic. Who wants to find the pain? NO ONE. (unless you’re a doctor) Pain is negative. Who wants to find pleasure? EVERYONE. Where would you rather be right…

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Perspective (One Step Back)


I write many of my articles on flights and this one is no different. I’m currently on a plane to Charlotte connecting to St. Maarten for a long-needed vacation with my wife. I’m a firm believer in the motto “Work Hard…Play Hard” and would also advise one more two-word phrase to follow that. “Live Hard”…

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