A for Awesome or F for Failing – Where Do You Rank?

business report card

Report cards. Remember getting those in school…you remember those times, don’t you? The end of the quarter comes and you would trudge along if you knew you didn’t get a good grade not wanting to show it to Dad or Mom or you would be bounding home in glee for the reward you might get…

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Rip off the Rearview Mirror

rip off your rearview

Rip off the rearview mirror. Don’t look back. Always keep improving. I got a call from a business owner out of the blue the other day and his statements somewhat surprised me. He said biz had slowed down and he was struggling a bit. He blamed it on himself first saying he hadn’t been beating…

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Extroverts Have Feelings Too

extroverts have feelings too

Extroverts have feelings too. If you’ve followed me for a while (and many of you reading this have…thank you) you know that I have done lots of training and hosted workshops and podcasts with Certified Personality Trainer Vickie Musni. You may even classify me as an extrovert, and you’d be right. I’m here to tell…

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Going From 4 Star to 5 Star Service

4 star to 5 star service

Recently I attended and presented at a conference in Las Vegas. My experience this past week in Las Vegas using Uber varied wildly. Some Uber drivers were very friendly, some just business-like, while others went above and beyond. What was the difference? The difference was the individual drivers’ attitude of caring about the individual passenger.…

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