End Boring Voicejail

end boring voicejails

Since learning from a mentor of mine that most people’s office voicemails stink, I had been creative on my office line and have received compliments on my voicemail there. However, my personal voicemail still hadn’t been changed. I don’t know why….part of me just figured it was fine, the other part of me struggled because…

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Who Gets Three Times More Referrals Than Salespeople Do?

who gets 3 times more referrals

Who gets three times more referrals than salespeople do? The answer to that question is Experts. How are you an expert at what you do? First off, look at what you do. What do you specialize in? Many companies say they specialize in seven different things (I’m only SLIGHTLY exaggerating). The reality is you can’t…

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Evolution and Implementation

evolution and implementation

I recently wrote a quote on my Facebook wall that said: “Things aren’t necessary for love.” I encourage everyone to brainstorm and write whenever the inspiration strikes you. It’s how I come up with many of the articles that I write. I sat on that quote on my wall for a few hours and then…

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Two Ways and Two Words to Be More Able

two ways two words

When one hears that question, they may think immediately to if they are “able-bodied”? Or they may think of someone asking them to do something and if they can fit it into their busy schedule or not. Those are true thoughts but I would encourage you to start thinking of “able” in a different context.…

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A Cautionary Tale

a cautionary tale

Tell me if this sounds familiar. Person “A” works in an industry for years, learning, implementing, becoming excellent at product knowledge, having excellent attention to detail and outstanding customer service. They think “Hey! Why should the owner get all the money? I should own my own business.” So the person decides to open a new…

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