How to Ask Better More Emotional Questions Part 2

how to ask better more emotional questions

Last week we discussed one of the questions you are commonly asked and how to flip that into a better, more emotional question when we moved from asking where someone was from to where someone grew up.

This week we’ll explore how to share your experience. My good friend David Hoyt shared his story with the audience at a recent conference during my seminar and after he shared his story he ended with a GREAT question, which was “What’s the best (insert your service offering here) you’ve ever used?” That question brings out emotion. It makes people think. It takes them back and makes them search their brain to figure out what it was. If it wasn’t very good then BOOM! you’ve got an opening. If it was, then your discussion can hinge around “Do you want to top that?” and if so, “How do we top that?”

Share your experience, but learn about their experiences. What are their expectations? Share your expectations. What do they want out of using your product or service? What do they expect out of you? What are their goals? What are your goals? Are they a match?

By defining each of these things it helps you connect on a deeper level with the clients that you want to do business with.

Before you ask for the sale, you need to ask a question of yourself. That question is “Why me? or Why us?” When you ask “why me?” that helps you truly uncover why someone should choose you. It helps define your USP, your unique selling position. Make sure the answer to “Why me” is resonating with you and your own why. You must find out the answers to this question BEFORE asking for the sale. If you don’t, you may be turning off the client and asking for their business too prematurely.

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