How to Craft Your Story Part 2

how to craft your story

Once you have shared with them where you grew up and found a way to build trust in that aspect, share with them some worldwide experience you’ve had.

Select worldwide experience of yours that also shows benefit to why they are interested in you or how you may be able to serve them. This shows your client that this isn’t just a job to you, it’s your career. This profession of yours is something you are committed to, and that you are successful because of your longevity in your field.

Next, share what makes you different and why you do what you do. For many people, this is tough. What will their experience be like once they hire you? Lay it out for them. How does your service or product make their life better? What’s your USP (Unique Selling Position)?

One caveat here: the full part of “your story” including what I am describing above should only take 3-5 minutes tops.

This is not meant to be a diatribe about you – it’s about them. However, your story needs to be ENOUGH information about your company and yourself to whet their appetite to want to get to know MORE, to want to do business with you. The key is to hone your story, write it out, revise it, tweak it for MAXIMUM effectiveness. We go through this in my breakout sessions in-depth, and there’s a specific reason for it. Connecting with your clients can make or break your sales process. More on crafting your story in our next blog post.

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