How to Craft Your Story Part 3

how to craft your story

This week we continue with Part 3 of How To Craft Your Story. Do what you say you will do. This seems like a very simple concept, but let’s expand on it. Not just do what you say you will do, but do it WHEN you say you will do it, or even BEFORE.

Exceed their expectations. Here’s an example I had with a client yesterday. She called in to revise her contract so I revised her contract and I told her I’d have it to her by the end of the business day. I got back to her within an hour. What does that do? That shows exemplary customer service. It shows that I’m on it. It shows her that her business means something to me. Under-promise and over-deliver. Think of ways you can do that in your own business, think of ways you can deliver for your clients.

One final way to build trust and wow your clients. Don’t simply just send a quote. Sending a quote is so 2000 and late. Find a way you can actually present your quote in a unique fashion. I just created a quote for a client and I sent them a video proposal outlining how we were going to approach their project from a different perspective to make it more fun and engaging.

Nothing too fancy, just me talking into the camera and chatting with them about what we could accomplish together. Have fun with this! Let your way shine! How can you give your clients that experience, that vision, and create something different? Every other person is sending a quote or e-mail or a price. Brainstorm new ways to wow them and build trust forever.

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