Real Dilemma of Getting Info From Clients Part 2

real dilemma of getting info from clients

This is part 2 of the Real Dilemma of Getting Info From Clients Post from last weeks.

STOP giving information and START having a conversation. Once you start the conversation, continue the dialogue by asking open-ended questions such as “Why do you want that?” or “How does that look to you?” Understand that what it is that they value most may not be what they think they need. This is where it’s your job as a salesperson to uncover what they value most, vs. what it is that they think they need.

Once your conversation is flowing with open-ended questions on both sides, get permission to share solutions that you may have used before with another client or ones you thought of just then for them and share them with that client. Focus on the outcome of their event, what their memories will be. One way to ask this is to ask them “What do you want your guests to say or post on social media about your event?” That is the outcome they desire. Now, how can you deliver that for them?

Get agreement from them throughout the process as to if this sounds good to them or not.

Transition phrases are key. Before presenting your price, ask “Does this all sound good so far? (Get agreement) Now I know we haven’t talked about the price yet, but do you have any other questions for me?” By stating this you get agreement to move forward and eliminate any other objections. After stating your price, ask them what they think. Keep the conversation going and ensure them that you want to make this work for them if at all possible since you both agreed you were each a great fit for the other.

What’s the real dilemma of getting info from clients? The real dilemma of getting info from clients is to truly focus on what they want to get out of your service and not what you want to sell them. That’s the real dilemma.

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