The Real Dilemma of Getting Info From Clients

They want a price. You want a meeting. Well, really what you want is the booking, right? It’s kind of an adversarial start because you both want something different.

What we have to avoid is puking what we do, regurgitating everything that we offer in hopes that SOMETHING will resonate with them and will lead them into the sale. Then after puking, we give them a price and we never hear from them again. That’s a problem.

“But Mitch, I can’t even get that far. They just want a price. What do I do now?” If they’ve asked for the price a second time then you better give them a starting price to see if you’re even in the ballpark. Maybe you’re not even in the ballpark. That’s OK. At least you’re not wasting their time in yours. Now you can argue sometimes you’ll convert people. OK. You can. As a consumer, I would want to know at least a starting price for services to give me an idea.

The key is to put yourself in the client’s shoes. Why do they ask price?

Answer: They have no idea (in most cases) what else to ask. Think about a situation you walk into where you are buying something that you don’t really know anything about. What would you ask first? “How much is it?” Of course, you would. You don’t know any better. Neither does your client. Stop penalizing them by having them listen to your spiel or reading through a bunch of garbage that may or may not relate to what they want. We’ll dive deeper into this concept in our next blog post.

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